Conversation Club

Where, when, how, what, who, why, if, do, could, would & can?

Do you want to practice your English in a real life situation? Are you bored of textbook based lessons? Why not come & try the Talk Easy conversation club? Every week there is a new topic or topics with thousands of questions waiting to be asked and answered!

As well as being a great opportunity for the experienced learner to develop their existing skills in a natural environment, it is equally perfect for new learners wanting to utilize newly found skills while also helping them to boost their confidence at using them.

Learn new vocabulary and use & improve your existing skills whilst interacting with students with a similar interest.

Group size: 3-7
Duration: 1 Hour (Academic Hour)
Next conversation club: Fridays 19:00
Price: 20 PLN

Conversation Club

If you would like to know more or you are interested in learning at our language school, please contact us by Tel: 795 714 054 so that we can arrange a suitable time for a level test and personal consultation with one of our teachers.